Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Remembering Andy Griffith

"Andy Griffith, an actor whose folksy Southern manner charmed audiences for more than 50 years on Broadway, in movies, on records and especially on television — most notably as the small-town sheriff on the long-running situation comedy that bore his name — died on Tuesday at his home on Roanoke Island in North Carolina. He was 86." —The New York Times

Though not a radio personality per se, Andy Griffith left a formidable footprint in the entertainment industry. A part of my childhood died today. Andy's home-spun, congenial way was warm and inviting and a true reflection of the quality of the man himself. He will be truly missed by many.

Below are a number of recorded audio bits of comedy monologues performed by Andy Griffith. My hope is that you find comfort and enjoyment in them, as I have.

RIP Mr. Griffith.

"What it Was, Was Football" is a monologue by comedian Andy Griffith. It was recorded in Raleigh, NC for the Colonial label in 1953. Soon, Colonial had sold nearly 50,000 copies of the record and then sold the masters to Capitol Records. Capitol released the record in the same year, which soon had sold nearly 800,000 copies and was instrumental in launching Griffith's career in television, stage, and film. The record is still one of the biggest selling comedy records of all time. On the original single, the monologue is credited to "Deacon Andy Griffith."

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